TrueAnon Pod is The Epstein Podcast You Need to Catch Up On

This past Saturday the death of Jefferey Epstein set the online world on fire. Everyone woke up to reports saying that Jeff had killed himself while in prison in Manhattan, and these reports were believed by absolutely nobody except exactly the media types you would expect to be paid to make such bad faith arguments. This left the whole country scrambling to do two things: come up with some good tweets to milk the moment for RT’s and figure out what the hell actually happened.

Luckily two gumshoe reporters have been on the case long before Jeff took his last breath (if he did in fact take his last breath…?) TrueAnon Pod is the brainchild of writer Liz Franczak and former YPG soldier and current brewer at San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company Brace Belden, produced by Yung Chomsky. Liz and Brace are clearly friends and have a fantastic rapport as they take you all the way from the files uncovered post Epstein’s 2007 arrest to where we are today in an (allegedly) post-Epstein world. While the content covers the most disgusting and heinous crimes that man can commit the two are able to cover the subject matter with good humor while still giving it all the seriousness it deserves. They recognize that traditional media outlets will inevitably drop the ball on this story and that the only way to get the word out is by getting it out themselves, and by encouraging others to do the same. Liz and Brace go over all the relevant players and show that while Epstein is the center of this universe the powers implicated are much father reaching than just the Upper East Side. It is abundantly clear after listening to these first four episodes that the people with the greatest class solidarity are wealthy people protecting other wealthy people.

Liz and Brace started the show shortly after Epstein’s July 2nd arrest and cover everything from his confusing start at Bear Stearns, to his history with Victoria Secret’s Les Wexner and the MC2 modeling agency they used to bring underaged girls to America, all the way into the incredibly vast array of celebrities whose contact Jeff held onto in his “little black book”. The two clearly have been on the Epstein beat far before he was a punchline in every other tweet on my timeline, and as a result have put together the most comprehensive listen on the man and his cabal imaginable. While some feared that Epstein’s death would lead to the end of the show Liz and Brace have made it clear that this is merely the tip of the iceberg, and truthfully in a world where Epstein can die while on 24/7 surveillance a show like this seems more necessary than ever. Go catch up now, and follow their informative and hilarious twitter account. After all it is your duty to do so, both to help bring down the international billionaire pedophile ring right before our eyes and so that you can get your jokes off before fish tube memes fully take over.

Check out the podcast on Soundcloud or iTunes and check out their twitter account.

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