SOPHiE Remix of Rihanna’s Nothing Is Promised Ft Young Thug Leaks

When people aren’t busy figuring out their top 50 rappers lists on twitter the most common viral trend I see in hip hop is dream collabs. You will see some truly outlandish ideas (you would not believe the producers J Cole fans think he’d sound good on. This combination of artists seems like it was the result of a genie wish from the Pitchfork staff room, there is almost no other way to explain how maybe the most adored pop star of our time Rihanna and the highest charting rapper whose fans still feel like a cult in Young Thug would end up teaming with Grammy nominating electronic dance queen SOPHiE, it feels too good to be true. Something I would find on YouTube only to find it was a fan made production, and yet here we are. While this track is unfinished and is rough at times, I just cannot believe that this combination of artists exists on a track and feel blessed to have heard it, even in this rough form. I pray we get a full album of these three together.

UPDATE 22 Aug 2019 : Stateside J Lubin was kind enough to let me know that the link for the song is out of date, here is an updated one below.

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