Xanman Drops Video for Foulin the Plug

Brightseat Road’s own Xanman has been hyping up Foulin the Plug for sometime now, releasing a video-clip dubbed snippet of the song on August 7th. The clip seemed to live on my timeline from then till yesterday, when Xan finally dropped the proper video for Foulin the Plug. Xan an the boys jack a tractor and drive around what seems to be a wheat field surveying the space and lifting one another in the air. It is a hilarious watch and Xan does not disappoint with the punchlines, opening the song with “Fuck school I don’t know shit about conjunctions/put a bitch underground like Harriet Tubman” and never taking his foot off the gas from there. Part of me almost wishes that the video was just a longer version of the Ohhkash Dupsmash snippet (below). That snippet moves from clip to clip every half second and the visuals accentuate the variety in Xanman’s punchlines, and I gotta be honest I am an absolute sucker for those. That being said I love this track and can imagine it taking off on Triller or Tik Tok or whatever platform the kids are using these days.

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