Ralphy the Plug and 03 Greedo Release Thug Life

There is something bizarre about how regular it feels when members of the Stinc Team release new music. Them and 03 Greedo all wisely built up large back catalogs of music knowing that the LAPD could cut their careers short at a moments notice. Reading Jeff Weiss’ incredible and heartbreaking piece on Drakeo the Ruler you can’t help but just be baffled at the current state of affairs with rappers and law enforcement. Racism is so endemic to the incarceration system that the state is actively seeking out its city’s greatest artists specifically to silence them. The fact that the LA rap scene has been able to thrive in spite of that is truly inspiring, like a rose growing from the concrete.

This is tagged as #NervousMusic and is a Ralfy song first and foremost. He holds his own, channelling T.I. on the chorus, sounding equal parts YG and Ohgeesy on the verses. But it really is 03 who steals the show, as often is the case. The man is equal parts T Pain and Young Thug and his voice just pops with personality. The album art shows the two men in their current states, throwing up signs and smiling from their respective prison cells. It could come off as depressing but it really does feel triumphant. No matter the railroading that the LAPD puts these men through they will not and cannot be silenced. Even with 03 in Texas it will still be a Purple Summer on Soundcloud.

Free 03 Greedo and everyone in the Stinc Team.


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