Charli XCX and Lizzo Release Blame It On Your Love

Man I gotta say I really wanted to like this track. And it is a perfectly fine track, don’t get me wrong. But on Blame It On Your Love Charli and Lizzo do not save pop music as they set out to do. It just feels a couple years too late on the tropical house wave and is just not as good as the song it is remixing.

Track 10 the closing track on Charli’s masterful 2017 album Pop 2Track 10 opens up with twenty seconds of vocal glitching before an autotuned Charli presents herself like a pearl shining in a clam. She then rushes through her emotional insecurities with only a chorus of PC music voices backing her up. Every time you get to close she wants to run away, before ultimately blaming it on your love even though she knows she is the one at fault. It is beautiful and haunting and one of Charli’s absolute best tracks.

Had I just heard Blame It On Your Love without knowing Track 10 I can’t imagine having too many faults with it. It is a perfectly fun summer bop that I can see doing well on modern radio. But man, it just pales in comparison to the original. On the tropical house remix you’re just stuck waiting for the drop and the song looses all of its weight. Lizzo has a quick verse that is a lot of fun and I won’t fault her for being off the song’s theme. But I just can’t imagine hearing this song and not wanting to put it off and put on Track 10.

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