Lord Apex Kills In USA Debut

Lord Apex had his USA debut May 3rd at the Holo in Queens. It was an intimate affair where the young rapper held his own. Taphari, and Mau each had fantastic opening sets that got and kept the crowd engaged. Slim Poppins then came out in a velour jump suit and matching Kangol hat and absolutely lit a fire under the crowd. She played some older songs and teased some new music and made anyone who was not already an instant fan.

Apex closed out the show strong. The crowd knew most of the songs and had a bounce that lasted the whole show. It was a communal vibe. As one would expect at an NYC rap show people were shouting out “YERRRs”, and Apex noted that doesn’t happen quite as much in his native England before suggesting that British fans ought to start shouting “OIIIS” to compensate. The rest of the show was met with a chorus of alternating YERRRs and OIIIS from each side of the crowd. Highlights included Blanka Buds which recently got the music video treatment. Catch some snippets from the show below, including the fire Vintage Garms.





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