YTB Drops New Single Moon

Shawny Bin Laden and Four50  who together make up YTB just dropped their newest single Moon. Producer F. Sliick brings a very nocturnal arrangement of bells that provide the perfect scenery for the track. Moon feels like a snapshot of what it feels like to be weaving in and out of traffic on the BQE at the dead of night with the moon hanging over head, which is fittingly where Shawny is usually found on his Instagram Stories, covering Queens in his BMW. Shawny and Four50 stay consistent with their machine gun flows and strong ad lib game. Not a second is wasted, though the song definitely peaks when the beat cuts back for Four50 to hit a Stella Gets Her Groove Back line with enough energy for six punchlines. This is another in a long line of great tracks from the Woodhull boys, can’t wait for this one to get the Qasquait  video treatment.

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