Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats Blow the Roof Off Your House on Anger Management


Every song slaps!!!! Idk what else you even need to hear. This tape is eighteen minutes and not a single second is wasted. How the fuck did they get the Dirt Off Your Shoulder sample cleared for Hatin????? I cannot wait to see “I got these bitches on my dick and i ain’t even got a dick” as an instagram caption all summer long. Good lord. I have to imagine that one of these songs will catch on in a Triller or TicToc meme and will help catapult Rico to the next level, theres just too many memorable lines and too many moments where the beat feels like its going to rupture the earth for something to not catch on. I just cant wait for Pitchfork to give it like a 7.2 and then include it way higher on their best albums of the year list. Kenny Beats often talks about how he prefers to not just give someone a beat but to work with an artist on a project, talk about what kinda sound they want to bring and how to get them there, and you can absolutely see why. Every full project he’s done with an artist whether it be Rico, Key!, or Vince Staples they do a Polymerization like Yu Gi Oh and make Exodia on wax.

Go check out on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud.

Back Cover for a Hypothetical Physical Release.

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