Your Old Droog Drops New Album It Wasn’t Even Close

Your favorite rapper’s favorite twitter account , Your Old Droog, continues to bring bars and bars and bars and bars. The tape is timeless in that it sounds like it could have come out any year between 1997 through 2019. Droog raps exactly how he woulda rapped in any era, brings bar after bar after bar over beats that would have fit on most Wu Tang Clan albums. It’s an incredibly consistent tape. I don’t think a single song had a chorus, Droog either spits a verse for a full two and a half minutes or trades verses with the kinds of rappers who also would rather just rap for three minutes straight rather than write a dam chorus. Highlights include the MF Doom assisted RST and the Wiki and Lil Ugly Mane assisted Smores. It’ll probably get like a 7.7 on Pitchfork and then they’ll forget to include it on their best albums of the year list.

Check it out on SpotifyApple Music, or Soundcloud.

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