03 Greedo Releases Still Summer in the Projects with DJ Mustard

03 Greedo dropped his second album since being wrongfully incarcerated, Still Summer in The Projects. DJ Mustard handles the entirety of production on the album and him and Greedo go together like cookies and milk, Mustard provides the West Coast bounce as Greedo tells stories of project woes that have a Friday feel despite the Boyz in the Hood circumstances. Album opener and stand out 10 Purple Summers  will be on my barbeque soundtrack for years to come, though there is a stark contract between how fun the song is and how lonely and isolating life in Watts sounds in the lyrics.

Greedo freestyled a good deal of the tape so there are a handful of tracks that take a little while to figure themselves out but there is a tragic beauty to it. Mustard cuts the beat out early on Bet I Walk only for 03 to go, “Keep all that, lil’ bitch, I’m goin’ in, it’s off the top” rolling right into the verse. Greedo recorded this tape in the days before he had to report to the Fort Stockton, TX corrections facility and while parts do feel rushed as a result with some tracks needing a little more fleshing out, its mostly just mesmerizing how cool, calm, and collected Greedo is able to keep it. If he actually does have thirty albums in the bag like he said he did and they are all as good one we’re gonna see at least ten purple summers, maybe even eleven.

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You can write Greedo a letter in prison at letterstogreedo.com or can leave him a voicemail at (432) 216 – 2294

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