VeryTallBart is The Best Thing On YouTube

You know how sometimes there might be a dish that you really like as a kid that you give up for a while? It could be a burger, chicken fingers, mac and cheese, anything. Naturally, like someone coming into adulthood, you give it up. Your justifications might be because of health, shifting tastes, or just plain embarrassment when everyone else is at the table ordering the filet mignon and linguini al nero. Then, all of a sudden, a new restaurant opens up, literally specializing in that thing, you like, and you try it again, and for that brief moment, where food meets tongue, you are a child again, and everything is amazing.

I’m like that with YouTubePoop.

I grew up in the golden age for that genre of video. I saw phenomenal sentence mixing from Walrusguy, seamless editing from DaThings, EmpLemon’s downward spiral, and epic tennis matches between Deepercutt and CaptPan. I watched it evolve from a form a group of kids messing around with Windows Movie Maker/iMovie, to masters of their craft setting the bar, and showing that they could influence entertainment in a major way. To this day, shows like Tim and Eric, Eric Andre, and Paid Programming owe a debt to the freewheeling editing style that was permitted and even encouraged in YTP.

As that brand of humor became more and more acceptable in everyday entertainment, many accounts veered away from basing their entire brand off of them. EmpLemon saw the writing on the wall and literally became a video essay channel as he saw the culture of the site shift. Others like Deepercutt peacefully retired from the profession all together.

Finally, there comes a new channel on the grind that is quick to remind you just why the hell you love YTP so damn much. That channel is verytallbart. I had found him thanks to the help of TikTok’s For You page. When his video came up it was on the first times I audibly cackled while looking at the app. Many of his videos, which usually rest comfortably under the three minute mark, are full of punchy ten-second bits that can give the editor plenty of content to chop up and serve on the other app.

Tall bart specializes mainly in sentence mixing and does it with a smooth execution, creating videos that often lampoon the conservative phylum of Youtube titans. His videos can almost be treated like found-poems that make fun of guys like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and Dennis Prager. The addition of subtitles is thoughtful as it helps the sometimes jumbled, chopped, and screwed sentences come off more clear, and the videos are all rendered with the phone in mind, making them perfect for more short form digestion.

Tall bart has also tried his hand at doing some videos that use game shows as a base, making a video that can go toe-to-toe with Dathings’ iconic The Price Is Rice piece.

They’re also one of the few youtubers to really pullback the curtain and show the audience how the sausage is made, with both informative and succinct how-to videos and a few videos where he live edits the videos before uploading them.

So if you’re in the market for some dada style nonsense, want to have a giggle at the expense of some terminally online boboheads, wondering what’s for DINNER, or want to hone your own ytp craft, very tall bart is your hookup. Give him a subscribe. Get him his plaque.

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