New Jersey Rockers poltergeist. Drop Debut Single “Headache”

New Jersey rock and rollers poltergeist. dropped their first single “Headache” this morning. The band is made up of three long time friends from New Jersey who’ve played together going back as far as 2015. For poltergeist. bassist and singer Michael Foster, drummer Zach Khanlian, and lead guitar Michael Voyack came together with the intention of putting together a record that had the fury of Joyce Manor, though things just got heavier and heavier as the demos went along until they arrived at their current sound.  Mike is also the bassist in Philly’s The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick and Zach and Mike play in collector, but to me poltergeist. doesn’t sound like Joyce Manor or Goalie or collector. I guess if I had to compare them to anyone they sound like a younger modern take on New Jersey legends Thursday, as Mike’s voice reminded me of the emotive tenor that Thursday’s Geoff Rickly employed for decades, as did the track’s sanguine subject matter of the monotony of life. The track opens and closes with a pulsating guitar lick thats been stuck in my head since I first heard it, the kinda riff that’ll have you head-banging till you give yourself a headache. While poltergeist. may remind me of a great band from almost thirty years ago, they don’t remind me of anyone else playing today, which makes me all the more excited for their debut EP to drop later this summer. They’ll also be playing a show in Queens on August 11th, so if you’ll be in town follow their twitter and insta for more details to come!

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