Cakes Da Killas’ New Single “Don Dada” Will Leave Your Ass Shaking

New Jersey rapper Cakes Da Killa is back with a banger. Cakes first started making waves back in the early 2010s as a member of the LGBT rap movement, along with artists like Mykki Blanco and Le1f. In their review of his incredible 2013 mixtape “The Eulogy” Pitchfork compared Cakes to Lil Kim saying he’s, “a raunchy-ass bitch who absolutely owns being a raunchy-ass bitch, and has enough on-mic charisma to convince us that this is an admirable personality type.”

Cakes has always made music that will have your ass shaking in the club and will have you cackling like an idiot when you’re listening to the lyrics back on the Subway the next morning. With “Don Dada” Cakes Da Killa shows he absolutely still has the sauce. Proper Villians put together a hundred mile an hour beat whose thumping bassline is met by a wailing siren. It’s a beat that would leave most rappers hanging on for dear life, just hoping to ride the track out like a bull rider at his first rodeo. Instead Cakes comes out with ferocious energy that leaves you feeling like the beat is catching up to him. Cakes is in such complete command that lines like “I only say want ya bad bitch never stutter, I don’t play with kids lil nigga getcha mother!” might fly right over your head until you play this shit back. The man doesn’t have a wasted bar or even syllable the whole track, and there isn’t another rapper alive who could make “Chillin in a Crock-Pot more room for basting,” sound as hard as Cakes does.

While he was a contestant on last year’s Netflix rap reality show Rhythm + Flow, his upcoming album will be his first release since 2016’s “Hedonism” and it is long overdue. Cakes is one of the smartest, funniest, and hardest rappers out right now. There is nobody else in rap bringing it like Cakes in any way, shape or form. We should all be grateful that he chose this pride month to bless us with new music.  

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