We are living in unprecedented and promising times. All 50 states are protesting the murder of George Floyd while more people are on the side of the protestors versus the police.

Politcal Polls

At GSC, we are want to embolden the voices of overlooked artists who are not only using their art to discuss the injustices we see across this country and worldwide, but also doing the work within the community as advocates against an unjust system. Brooklyn duo BAGMAN. & Birdy put this chill mix together to give people a soundtrack to play against the constant sirens and helicopters that are playing across the nation. Featuring from GSC favorites from JWords to AKAI SOLO to BAGMAN.’s favorite producers OSSX, DJ Swisha, and Kush Jones, we are highlighting music that moves us hoping it will inspire you too.

Look out for more mixes from the BAGMAN. & BIRDY as we continue to make our voices heard loud and clear to the oppressive powers of a white supremacist society that we hope will fall sooner than later.

Stay safe out there.

Tracklist (tracks 1 and 2 wound up switching places on the final mix)

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