Kristyn and Brendan Drop February’s GSC Monthly Mix

The Fader’s Kristyn Cheek and EOC of GSC Brendan Higgins have put their Spotify’s together to make this month’s Grandma Sophia’s Cookies Monthly Mix !! Featuring new tunes from Equiptment, King Krule, Thundercat, Halogens, and more!

We are keeping the monthly playlist the same and updating it so people don’t need to keep resubscribing to new playlists every month. We will be archiving our old playlists.

Last month’s Grandma Sophia’s Cookies the December Monthly Mix can be found at this link, the November at this link, the October can be found this link and September Monthly Mix can be found at this link ! When I play these playlists for my Mom she inevitably only likes the songs that Kristyn added so if you like a track thank Kristyn!

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