Have a Good Season Drop Second Single from Upcoming Album, Ramune

NJ DIY stalwarts Have a Good Season dropped Ramune, the second single of their upcoming debut album. It’s funny this is an upcoming debut album as they’ve built a respectable following off the back of a few solid EPs and a few solid tours. Ramune is following up November’s first single, the bright and breezy Sunflower (Yellow). This one is a bit slower than its predecessor as lead singer and guitarist Nic Palermo takes his time to savor his Ramune till the very last drop. Ramune, for the uninitiated, is a Japanese carbonated soft drink that takes its name from the word for lemonade. It comes in a variety of flavors, here Palermo enjoys the bright blue labeled one, and have a marble that rattles around like in a can of Guinness. “Anyone who’s had Ramune knows that when you hear the marble clinking, you’re getting close to the end,” Palmero commented, “As a youth, it would signify a long summer break coming to a close. It’s a bittersweet memory that, looking back, tastes more sweet than bitter. Now it sounds different. It’s a reminder that the bottle is almost empty.”

Thanks to Alex LaVallee for the photo

As he’s reveling in those last drops before the marble finally falls to the bottom of his bottle Palermo looks back wistfully at sharing early recordings with an old flame, with the awkwardness of hearing his recorded voice matching the playful awkwardness of having his lover kiss his head and leave saying they couldn’t be there any longer. It’s a quiet, slow, and tender track that leaves you thirsting for the carbonated beverage you grew up with, as you wonder what all the people you used to (and may someday again) know are up to. From the sounds of these first two singles this is shaping up to be a bubbly and smooth debut.

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