The Editor of Full Size Run is the Best Character On Youtube

The Show sans Trinidad James after Rich suggested they all wear matching Chanels

Full Size Run started back in Summer 2017 as a humble humorless sneaker talk show that was there to give you the facts on what releases were coming up, who was collabing with who, and what was hot right now. While the show still doles out all that information it has found its stride and gotten an edge thanks in great part to the addition of two crucial cast members. It was originally hosted by Brendan Dunne, Matt Welty, and Rich “MaZe” Lopez, but Complex dropped the bag and dropped MaZe while taking on season one guest Trinidad James and making him a co-host. This finally gave the show the legitimacy it needed to widen its pool of guests outside of fellow Complex employees to rappers and NBA players, and gave the show some much needed personality. Dad’s presence truly seems to make the guests more comfortable and willing to clown around, and its funny to see Brendan and Welty impress their guests with quips or knowledge when the guest clearly didn’t come in with particularly high expectations for them. However the absolute driving force behind the show isn’t the Welty or Dunne or even Trinidad, it’s the puppet master behind the camera and in front of the computer, the show’s editor, Matthew Jeon.

The greatness of The Editor shines when the show is at its darkest, and there is no better example to look to than the Rich the Kid interview. The second we got a look at the set and saw Trinidad James missing and Rich picking at his hair and staring off into the distance, I knew we were not in for a typical FSR. Rich the Kid is clearly stoned off his rocker, just barely with the conversation enough to whisper out an answer. In the beginning it seems like the show is going to be a balancing act, seeing if Dunne and Welty can get a squeak of an answer out of Rich and still drive the show in the right direction. The two are clearly at a loss for how to handle the situation as neither feels they had the leverage to make fun of Rich outright for being half way to the moon. After one particularly unproductive answer The Editor jump cuts through the three of them stammering yeah one after another in a way that feels like the three stooges. Then our man Matt Jeon starts to catch on that Rich the Kid is a question late to his answers and takes that as an opportunity to turn on the heat. The Editor then punctuated each of the three’s various either nervous or stoned stammers with captioned mis-speak and real time corrections. He starts a counter for every time Dunne gives Rich an “Mmmmm” to a mumbled answer, and Welty’s “Triggered Meter” slowly goes through the roof. Its the kind of sight that I couldn’t even imagine being in the room for, because it seems like at five or six different points Dunne or Welty is about to break kayfabe and call off the interview, but by keeping the camera moving and punctuating the most awkward part of the interview The Editor keeps the locomotive in motion. Even despite the fact that he admitted to probably ripping off the infamous reseller on twitter who called him out last year. He seems to really love and support his friends, calling his buddies Grams and Lou Got Cash to get their opinion on every shoe they reviewed on segment “Drip, Flip, or Skip”. They then decide to just lean all the way in to the chaos and hand Rich a megaphone to do paid for shout outs, where he goes on to shout out Jim Carey and a whole collection of friends. It absolutely should have been a trainwreck and could not have been more entertaining in the end.

Full Size Run has a live show today at 5PM to try and drive subscribers to their channel. Joe LaPuma promised them that if they got their count to 200k subscribers they could go on Sneaker Shopping, so I suggest you check it out and subscribe, though LaPuma damn well better bring on The Editor too. Maybe leave Welty at home and bring our man Matt Jeon if theres only room for three.

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