Gucci Mane Drops Video for Kenny Beats Produced “Proud Of You”

Album Art for Gucci’s New Album Delusions of Grandeur

Every photo I see of Gucci Mane since he got out of jail in 2016 he’s looked better than the last, but good lord it is hard to imagine Gucci Mane looking any better than he does in the Proud of You video. The man has a chiseled six pack, perfect teeth, well kept beard, clean haircut and skin. He’s goddamn handsome. The track is solid, with Gucci casually mentioning that he’s more quoted than Dr. Seuss and how large his house is, but what Gucci is truly proud of himself for is how there is no longer any lean in his Mountian Dew cup. Gucci has always spoke his absolute truth on a track at times to a violent fault, so it feels completely genuine to hear that from Wop and truthfully its so nice! Just makes me smile to hear him say “Guwop I’m so proud of you”. I feel proud of him too! Good for Gucci, he’s richer than he was three years ago, he seems the happiest he’s ever been, he is an ex-addict proudly lean free, he has a fire song with one of the hottest producers in rap right now, and he looks the hottest he ever looked. I’d be proud too! Closing out Kenny Beats brings the fire as always, though thats almost a given at this point.

This track is the first single off of Gucci’s upcoming album Delusions of Grandeur. This is extremely close to the name of one of Lil B’s best tapes Illusions of Grandeur. There is no word at this time as to whether or not this move has the BasedGod’s approval or if he was consulted in the album’s construction.

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