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I registered the domain name for this website the day that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won her election. Given our current political climate it can feel quite hopeless to be an American in 2018. The ruling party is openly advocating for fascism and trying to perform ethnic cleansing while the opposition party seems disinterested in doing anything other than tweeting “that’s not very nice” as they roll out the red carpet for their adversaries and their policies. Just as things seemed darkest AOC radiated like a star shooting through the night sky. She beat a nineteen year cog in the Democratic machine the good ole fashioned way: crafting a platform worth voting for and knocking on every damn door in her district. And in the days since rather than basking in the glory of her victory she has continued to build her vision by shining a light on women and men running for office with her same core values.

Grandma Sophia’s Cookies is a project nowhere near as ambitious as AOC’s campaign, but she did provide us with a pretty nifty blueprint for success. Promote ideas and people that you actually believe in, never sell out, and work your ass off and you’ve got a chance of winning regardless of how much money the guy you’re running against has. Josh and I want this blog to be a space where talented writers are writing interesting pieces about things that they actually care about. We also don’t take ourselves particularly seriously and hopefully that will come across in our writing. Truthfully I don’t know what this will become but I got a good feeling about it. Hopefully we make you laugh, and make you think, and show you some cool people doing cool things that you didn’t already know about, but I don’t really know what those things will be yet until we get to writing. All I do know is there is hope in my heart in a way that there hasn’t been in quite sometime, I guess its just high time we made like AOC and started knockin on our own doors.

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