H31R Drops New Single “Right Here” off Upcoming Album Headspace

H31R, the duo made up of Brooklyn rapper Maassai and Jersey electronic producer J Words, dropped “Right Here” the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album Headspace due out November 17th via Big Dada. The video sees the duo getting dolled up and hitting the dance floor, turning up with their friends in a rainbow lit night club. The vibe of the video’s party matches JWords production work on the track to a T, a touch industrial while mostly being light, breezy, and fun. Maassai spends the track trying to see if a potential partner is for real or all talk, as she sings on the chorus, “Do you wanna give me something I can feel or do you wanna play games with it now what’s the deal?” Maassai sings more on Headspace than she has on previous records and it is a very welcomed development. She has a beautiful, understated singing voice that pairs perfectly with JWords’ production work. She continues to be one of the most consistent rappers out too, joking with her potential partner, “If you don’t got the words then just give me a letter. Give me a vowel, just give me the effort, and A-I-O-U extra” over the song’s woozy beat. JWords and Maassai close the video with a big cathartic “we did it” hug, clearly even closer friends than they are artistic collaborators.

Headspace is out November 17th! Follow H31R, Maassai, and JWords for more information.

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