HYD Presents Lovers & Lonely Playlist Volume 8

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2021 was a big year for love and loss. Some people moved into my life while others officially moved out. Getting older makes me appreciate the little moments of intimacy that aren’t necessarily romantic. Whether it’s a farewell kiss in a doorway of an apartment I no longer live in or a walk around a Brooklyn park as the sunrises, I find myself cherishing the moments I don’t talk about, tweet about, or write about. 

City Island may be swallowed by the sea but I’ll always have a piece of like Davey Jones sitting under the surface. 

No matter where I go or who I become if I love(d) you, that’ll never change. 

I hope 2022 brings you self-love first and foremost. Whether in love or lonely, you have value, I swear. 

From Dot Ave With Love,

Josh HYD Ramos

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