Contour Shines on “Song for Me” The First Single from Upcoming EP Love Suite

South Carolina’s Khari Lucas, who performs music as Contour, has always worked well with others. The singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around artistic multi-hyphenate has a string of fantastic EP’s with Illadell and Garrot Odom to his name for example. He even produced a number of tracks on maassai’s tremendous album from earlier this year With the Shifts, including GSC family favorite “Grace Jones”. While Contour’s eclectic musical abilities certainly make for conducive stages for his talented peers to share their skills, with his latest EP, Love Suite, Contour is properly taking center stage for himself. 

On early single “Song for Me” Contour plays the role of jazz club crooner, with his smooth calming voice floating over the thumping bass line and slow but steady drumming. London-born singer Demae’s whispers provide an otherworldly, bordering on divine accompaniment to Contour’s steady croon. Her presence is never overpowering, rather the way she melds her voice into the ebbs and flows of the song is just mesmerizing. Contour’s singing is strong but understated, matching the melancholy of the slow pattering drum, keys, and heavy bass line. His voice really draws you in and makes you feel there in the room with him; The longer the song went on the more vividly I started to picture the hazy air in the dimly lit club where Contour will be playing this song soon enough. 

“Song for Me” serves as a perfect introduction to Contour’s smoky, soul tinged universe. Much like how nobody raps better over Pierre Bourne beats than Pierre, nobody sings better over Contours murky musical production than Contour himself.  He won’t keep fans waiting too long for more either, dropping another single next month with the EP soon to come after.

Follow Contour on twitter and insta and be on the lookout for Love Suite coming soon! Thanks to Austin Butler for the fantastic picture at the top.

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