Rachel Rose’s “You” Video Shows How Gorgeous Infatuation Can Be

Rachel Rose’s latest video is a gorgeous journey into the aesthetics of romance. 

“You”, the second single off her debut EP 100 / 1 / 1, is a song about falling for someone, and the subsequent experience of your thoughts being co-opted by the very existence of another person.  Rachel’s lush vocals bring the jazzy R&B track to life, painting an audio picture of the warmth, and chaos, love brings. ‘Don’t you know, baby, I cannot stop’ thinking ‘bout…,’ the song’s melodic, beat driven line, has been pleasantly stuck in my head for days.  I’m not alone in my obsession–the song has over 40k streams on Spotify to date.

The video for “You” was filmed in a 600-square foot Brooklyn apartment by a five-person team, all adhering to COVID-19 regulations. Yet in a time hallmarked by loneliness, stagnation, and boredom, “You” is anything but. I wanted to jump through my screen and into Rachel’s world, borrow her perfectly thrifted wardrobe, and sit inside her perfectly decorated life. 

I had many thoughts in my head while watching this video. Should I buy a corset?  Maybe I should get some silk sheets. Why have I still not learned how to properly do a cat-eye? Do I have enough mood lighting at home? Should I start bedazzling my electronics? But mostly, I thought one thing: I wish I looked that good when I’m pining for someone. 

Rachel begins and ends the video watching cartoons on a rhinestone covered TV.  She sits on the edge of a bathtub, writhes around in silk sheets, pours too much milk in her cereal.  The mundane–bathing, sleeping, eating–are made glamorous under the blanket of love.

My favorite part of the video takes place in the kitchen, where Rachel gladly plays up the 1950s housewife role, baking in vintage lingerie, sporting a cat eye and a red lip, biting suggestively into a sugar cookie.  It made me wish I had someone who made me feel as powerful and seductive as Rachel looks.  I stand firmly in the “all men are trash” camp, but deep down, I really do want someone who makes me want to cook for him in my underwear.

Thus far in my life, my experiences of falling for someone have been mostly exercises in anxiety and insecurity.  Yet while watching this video, I realized that maybe it actually can feel good.  Maybe falling for someone can be gorgeous, sexy, and empowering. 

Rachel is the only person seen in the video, and I love that.  It makes me think of how isolating falling in love–or even like–can be.  No one, not even the object of your affections, knows exactly what you’re feeling. Yet that’s what makes it so fun.  The precipice of a new romance is exciting, full of daydreams and wishes of what could come, swirling around your brain, for better or for worse. “You” encapsulates the beauty of those ‘what could be’s,’ and I can only hope my next romance is as much of an aesthetic, inspiring masterpiece as this music video is.

You can find Rachel’s debut EP 100 / 10 / 1, on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. Follow Rachel at @rachelrosenyc on Instagram and Twitter.

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