Jersey Emo Upstarts Puppy Pile Drop Tender New Single “3 AM”

It’s a funny time to be a band, let alone a new one. New Jersey’s Puppy Pile came together at the beginning of last year and played three solid months of shows before COVID struck and live music was made a thing of the past. The young band hasn’t had the benefit of being able to hone their craft on stage and is yet to release a proper album. However they have made the most of their time together, releasing a steady stream of singles that have showcased how strong their musical range is. They came out the gate hot and heavy with their first single “Wrecked”, a track as emo as the song title suggested. It even caught our ears at GSC, reminding us of both Prince Daddy and the Hyena with a touch of Puppy Pile’s fellow Jersey DIY brothers in Ditz. Puppy Pile’s other more recent singles like “I Hope I See You Soon” and “Home” had a softer touch, or at the very least a less emo one. Both tracks rip as the band goes from quiet to loud and back to quiet, getting a little shouty when needed but mostly opting for more restrained singing coupled with soothing gang vocals. Their new single “3 AM” which dropped at the end of last month is easily their most tender yet, showing that they’re well within their comfort zone at their softest and their hardest.

“3 AM” follows lead singer Henry Miles and his significant other on a drive long enough that its sent them from late in the night right through to early in the morning. On the earworm of a chorus he coos, “3 AM, no traffic, I’m speeding as you sleep,” going on about how happy he is on the road with this person, willing and excited to go anywhere and everywhere with them. He keeps his volume at a quiet crawl, like he started off trying to lull his partner off to sleep and is now trying to make sure he doesn’t wake them up. It’s a breezy and delightful track that makes you feel as warm and fuzzy inside as Miles’ seems to feel about his partner, and without a doubt is a surefire fit on any long road trip playlist.

While early singles like “Wrecked” left a heavy Prince Daddy like impression, on “3 AM” Puppy Pile seem closer to the soothing sounds of their New Jersey indie rock forefathers in Real Estate. Whether the young band is as “Wrecked” as they were on their first single or as deeply in love as they seem to be on “3 AM” they clearly put their whole heart into every track.

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