Brooklyn’s Lowhency Pierre Shines on Funky New Single “Crew Love”

On his new single “Crew Love” NYC born and bred singer songwriter Lowhency Pierre is bringing the funk back to Brooklyn. The dude is usually relatively humble and self-reflective, as evidenced by his excellent 2018 tape EP1, but the man was tired of people shit talking and decided to talk his shit right back, standing up for his crew and anyone who has negativity to send their way. Lowhency is a crooner in the classic R&B sense, as fresh as “Crew Love” sounds he’s clearly more inspired by Rick James than anyone recording music right now. His bandmates Jed Nimitz, Dan Kalbrosky, and Shaun Brown provided a bright bouncy synth and a slick bassline that Lowhency glides over like butter on toast. The instrumental is as funky as the man singing over it; The synth here damn near has a life of its own and the guitar sounds like something Prince woulda been playing around with in the late seventies.

Few songs have made me more viscerally upset that I can’t see them performed live since COVID than “Crew Love”. This song was tailor made for Lowhency and the gang to take over a smoky jazz lounge and bring the place to its feet. It has an undeniable bounce that if you’re anything like me will have you swaying around your apartment like you’re tryna dance your way over to the person you’re about to fall in love with. Lowhency sounds effervescently confident on the track, you can picture a wry smile on his face as he coo’s away the chorus, “Oh no, we ain’t living to stay the same. Shame on you to complain.. that I’m just tryna light the way for you.” I wish it was longer just so I wouldn’t have to keep immediately running it back, I could listen to Lowhency warble over that synth for an hour straight.

Lowhency is in the midst of writing and recording an album to follow up EP1 and while he isn’t certain what will be on the tape I really hope “Crew Love” is a harbinger for what is to come. Over email he told me that, “I consider the majority of my previous works to be ‘sad boy music’. I tend to write a lot about unrequited love, loss, and real-life hardships. So with “Crew Love” and the new project, I wanted to shift into a new energy in showing more confidence, celebrating my Black queerness, and the man I’m becoming.” That new found confidence shines right through in “Crew Love” and we at GSC could not be more excited for the man Lowhency is becoming and the album he has on the way.

Go follow Lowhency on twitter and insta, listen to “Crew Love on Spotify, Apple Music, and BandCamp and be on the lookout for more from him soon!

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