Pootie Drops Video for New Single “Over Easy”

Pootie is one of the nicest rappers out. Both meaning he’s just a good dude, being generous with the greenery when he popped into Driveby’s place while GSC was interviewing Fatboi and Roper last month,  but more importantly meaning he’s effortlessly smooth on the mic. Pootie has the kind of voice and relaxed cadence where he would have caught ears regardless of which decade he was rapping in, we’re just lucky to get him in the present day. On his new single and video “Over Easy” Pootie takes us through an early morning waking up with his girl. The two are groggy at first before workin up the energy to roll up and get their day started, as Pootie shaves and his girl cooks them some eggs. The video is beautifully shot and lit, the whole thing just feels cinematic. You could imagine this being the intro to Pootie’s sitcom, as video director Nathan Franx works in clever mirror flips and gives proper slo-mo respect to the crackling egg. YL provided a buttery smooth drum-free soul sample on the beat that Pootie absolutely glided on. I don’t know why whenever YL and Pootie link they end up talking about breakfast, maybe they’re both early birds or just have a mutual appreciation for the most important meal of the day, but they really should start getting coffee like once a week because everything they make together slaps.

Pootie has been teasing an upcoming release 700 Parlay that is due out soon, and if the music is as banging as the album art then the man might have a classic on his hands. For the time being though go cop his excellent Roper Williams produced album P on vinyl to spin in the meantime.  

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