Japanese Rapper Tommi Crane Shines on “Saigo” From New Album from a lockless cage

Hip hop standout Tommi Crane provides his perspective on self-actualization and the rocky road to getting there in his track “saigo.” Crane’s heady mix of Japanese and English lyrics are delivered in ceaseless, mantra-like succession, as if reciting pep talk you’ve given yourself time and time again. There’s a fire behind these words, while the nuance of the song reads more as overcoming self doubt and remembering what got you inspired in the first place.

The video for the single follows a similar beat, depicting the day in the life of a creative pursuing their passion, and the level of commitment that entails. Each passing day is cut between reels depicting the songwriting process, production, planning, and interacting with the city around him. 

Interwoven throughout the song are cascading acoustic guitar chords, twinkling piano progressions, and running trap percussion on a beat that the man produced himself. The overall effect is uplifting and somewhat motivating, like a movie montage of the All-American football underdogs huddling up in the fourth quarter, right before they go out and achieve the greatest comeback in their team’s history. (Take this reference with a grain of salt and try to overlook my middle school-level sports knowledge.)

“saigo” is one of ten other tracks off Crane’s recent album from a lockless cage, a body of work that delves into those same themes of growth, reaching one’s potential, and coming to terms with societal and personal constraints. The concept is rock solid, and the album is definitely tailor made for a front to back listen, with each track flowing seamlessly into the next.
If any of this has hit close to home, or even if you’re still on the fence, take a look at Tommi Crane’s video for “saigo,” and any doubts are likely to be assuaged. Once you’ve done that, head over to a lockless cage for the full effect.

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