Brooklyn Duo Fake Dad Drops a Tasty New Single “Breakfast In New York”

It’s been a funny couple months for old New York City. Hordes of people wealthy enough to afford residence elsewhere fled the city fearing being cooped up in close quarters with others in a time of pandemic. There have been countless articles on whether the city will quote unquote “ever recover” but if the rents barely went down after the Department of Justice declared NYC an “anarchist jurisdiction” I think its a little foolhearty to suggest the city will never be the same. For starters, there are just some things that are better and easier to get in New York than any other city. Most notably whenever you may be waking up in the city that never sleeps, there will be a bodega or street cart within a few blocks ready for you with a beautifully greasy baconeggancheese to start your day with.

Fake Dad is the brainchild of Brooklyn’s Josh Ford and Andrea de Varona. The two have come together for the better part of two years to create electro infused R&B jams often anchored by Andrea’s hauntingly airy croon. They skedaddled from NYC on a recent excursion but could not help but miss the city the left in the rearview. I have no doubt that Josh or Andrea woke up early one morning on their journey only to be horrified that the closest bagel place was ten miles away and wouldn’t open for an hour when they started work on “Breakfast in New York.” The song is as sexy as the sandwich on the single’s cover art, spilling out like egg over the edge of your scooped-out whole wheat everything bagel. The pair each sing tenderly over a calm and steady beat with light synth and guitar touches. On the absolute earworm of a chorus Andrea sounds like a siren attempting to summon a sandwich at her beckoning as she angelically coos, “And I won’t stop dreaming of breakfast in New York.” It’s no doubt a love song, both for the city the pair calls home and the sandwiches it provides that make life worth living. The song is as simple and delectable as the sandwiches they describe, its the ideal track to throw in your earbuds as you stumble on down to your bodega to start your day. Andrea’s adorable outro asking if you want it on a hard roll or a sesame bagel or a cinnamon raisin bagel shows that this track is somewhat of a lighthearted endeavor, making the song all that much more relatable. After all it can feel ridiculous to love, let alone sing longingly for, a sandwich like you would a person, but then again who is there for you every Sunday morning when you are hungover and need them the most? “Breakfast in New York” is a warmhearted ode to a local delicacy that is always there to comfort you, and will make New Yorkers appreciate just how good we have it. It is truly the perfect song to send to your rich friend camping out in Charleston, SC for the winter. I can guarantee they won’t be able to stop thinking about “Breakfast in New York” either.

Fake Dad’s is working their way to an eventual EP in early 2021, and between this track and earlier singles “Summer Hill” and “What is Wrong Pt. II” I like the bright summery vibe that the group is going for. Until then however we’ll all just have to relax and cozy up with our favorite combination of cured meat, egg, and cheese to pass the time.

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