The Travis Scott Meal Is The Culinary Equivalent of Going SICKO MODE on Your Taste Buds and Digestive System

Y’all remember the Fornite Burger meme, this one?

On August 6th, Let's All Go To McDonald's and ask for the fortnite burger  the look on the workers face will be awesome! | Fortnite Burger | Know Your  Meme

I thought it was pretty funny back in 2018, and seeing it again gave me a tinge of nostalgia as I saw that now people were joking about a quote on quote “Travis Scott burger”. The man does share an unbreakable link with Fortnite after all, given that he has a skin in the game and performed a virtual concert that rivaled the likes of Clive Winston and K.K. Slider.

Then I find out today that this is an actual thing. I kept myself in denial despite seeing tweets, news, and even reviews of the meal. I eventually worked myself into the headspace that this would be a limited thing that would draw more people and cause more chaos than The Great Szechuan Sauce Debacle of 2017. Even if it didn’t turn into utter bedlam, a promotion like this is something that could only be done in a “cool” city like Los Angeles, or New York. But it turned out that it was available everywhere, even Tampa.

I decided to put an end to my rumination and just go for it. Things were looking pretty grim as I pulled up to the drive thru, seeing no promotional material, nor a line outside full of influencers wearing Cactus Jack Jordans and Supreme shirts. Pulling up to the speaker, I was resigned. I figured maybe the most I could hope for would be some awkward banter with whoever was rocking the mic at that point. Once the words “Travis Scott meal” left my mouth though, I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the screen, a quarter-pounder with cheese, lettuce, and bacon, medium fries, a large Sprite (extra ice, ice’d out) and a side of BBQ sauce, all like 6 bucks.

Once it actually came time to eat, I realized my tongue was just as much on taste journey as my ears were on an auditory one when I first listened to “SICKO MODE”. The first sip of the extra cold Sprite even had me thinking “damn, this is cool” like the first of several beats on the track. The actual burger basically tasted like Travis’ verse sounded: big, beefy, and with plenty of zest thanks to the sauce and the bacon. It can even give the McChicken a run for its money as the best fast food sandwich. The fries are Drake, something that is genuinely agreed upon to be great, but not as phenomenal as people make it out to be. When dipped though, into the BBQ sauce the way Drake dipped his lyrics and flow into the breakdown on “Sicko Mode”, the whole experience goes up a notch.

Honestly, I’m all for rapper cross overs with fast food now. Little did McDonalds know how much money they could be raking in just by rebranding the Happy Meal for hypebeasts. We can have a Kanye West burger that changes every time you order it! We could have a real juicy, and some would even say, wet and gushy Cardi B burger, hell maybe even an NF burger that tastes like shit.

I’m just saying that there’s a lotta possibilities out there.

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