Charlotte’s Rad Luck Drops Trippy Video for Too Lit

There has never been more rap talent coming out of the Carolinas than there is right now. It is as if DaBaby opened the floodgates, every day it feels like he has a new song dominating the charts and there is another rapper from the 704 or 919 whose music I feel like I need to catch up on. Charlotte’s Rad Luck has been making waves as of late, racking up steady plays on SoundCloud and YouTube. He caught my eye most recently with the video for his new single “Too Lit”.

The track is held together by a shinny and shimmery Sauce World produced beat. The spacey instrumental is punctuated by Super Smash Bros home run bat smashes that make me feel like Rad Luck might be a nolanberollin disciple. Rad sounds unconcerned as he lists off everything that has him too lit on the earworm of a hook, between the drip, the gas, and all this shit. The ethereal beat and repetitive chorus perfectly recreate the state of zen you can feel when you have that one last shot that puts you in “the zone” and you give into the night, trying not to worry about the decisions you’ll regret making in the morning. The two are a match made in heaven as Rad Luck floats over Sauce World’s airy beat.

Impressively, Rad Luck directed and edited the video himself. The dirty purple filter and charming editing flips felt like Rad Luck was channeling the DIY energy of those classic early Sad Boys videos. He very well may be as talented a video editor as he is a rapper, and it is not hard to see why this track and its video are racking up tens of thousands of plays for Rad Luck. “Too Lit” is a simple catchy track that will undoubtedly be lodged in your skull the next time you are pissed at or happy with yourself for getting too lit. While the college student will wisely focusing on his studies this fall, we hope that they don’t prevent him from dropping more heat in between Zoom classes.

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