Brainorchestra Drops First Single from Upcoming Narrative Instrumental Tape “The Wizard’s Scroll”

Brainorchestra, the producer and rapper hailing from Elizabeth, New Jersey, dropped the first single from his upcoming narrative instrumental tape The Wizard Scroll. Brainorchestra has been grinding in the hip hop underground for a number of years now, known best for his bouncy and ethereal beats. As an independent artist he preaches “creating carelessly” as his guiding artistic mantra. That may seem like an odd moniker for someone whose clearly puts so much thought and effort into each of his projects, but Brain really just means he isn’t precious with his art. He creates whatever he thinks is gonna be dope in the moment without any concern for how what anyone will think of it but him. He only puts out shit that he fucks with and has seen plenty of love sent his way as a result.

His new narrative beat tape, The Wizard Scroll, is a perfect example of his “creating carelessly” philosophy. This isn’t your typical beat tape, Brain is not only delivering with the instrumentals but based the entire tape around an adventure following a pair of legendary wizards. The first single, “The Wizard’s Scroll (Mystical Spliff)”, begins our journey. The younger wizard finds a scroll and discovers it was left by his sensei, who was captured by their adversaries while brewing potions, with Brain narrating the young wizard himself and the elder wizard being voiced by Hudson County rap rising star POOTIE. The sensei is able to enchant a scroll before being captured to assist his apprentice on the road ahead, and with that the beat drops and our adventure begins. Brain teamed up with Pittsburg based illustrator Yakovi who drew up twenty-seven slides that match the flow of the tape and the wizard’s journey. The art is gorgeously detailed and brings the narrative arc of the album to life. You can’t help but imagine the wizard floating through the forest on his journey, taking care of anyone in his way as the airy beat washes over you. After this first single I could not be more hyped for the album to drop July 28th, and for “The Wizard Scroll” to eventually get flipped into a full-fledged Netflix cartoon.

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