CupcakKe Tops iTunes Charts with Ferocious New Single “Discounts”

I don’t think I have ever heard a bad song or weak verse from Chicago born rapper CupcakKe and after her latest single “Discounts” topped the iTunes charts this weekend I can’t imagine hearing one from her any time soon. CupcakKe has been turning heads in the rap game for almost a decade now. The vast majority of her output has been extremely sex positive and completely unapologetic about it. She consistently drops technically impressive cadences coupled with bars that will legitimately have your jaw dropping for a whole multitude of reasons. CupcakKe has also been a vocal ally of the LGBT community in her music and in her personal life for the entirety of her career. As of late she’s even become a bit of a critical darling, with her 2018 album Ephorize garnering a Best New Music review from Pitchfork.

However the raunchiness of her music made it hard for her to impact the charts the same way she was impacting the rap community. As hard as it bangs its just hard to imagine “Duck Duck Goose” getting the club rotation let alone the wedding rotation that a track like Meg Thee Stallions “Savage” will have for decades to come. Which really sucks, Meg’s song obviously rules, but there is absolutely no reason that we continue to to be so orthodox with policing women’s sexuality in 2020, which is the only reason that a track like “Duck Duck Goose” wouldn’t get spins because it absolutely slaps. Everyone please play “Duck Duck Goose” at your wedding the second you are trying to get your crusty old relatives to skedaddle.

With “Discounts” however CupcakKe leaves the bedroom ready and equipped to bring the smoke to anyone and everyone in her way, over a bop of a beat that had me waiting for Jetsonmade to announce he made another one. In the chorus CupcakKe promises, “Discounts on discounts, knockin half your shit off,” for rappers sending her weak verses, petty losers on instagram prying into her private life, and anyone who thinks she’s soft. CupcakKe is absolutely relentless on the beat, not wasting a breath, a second, or a syllable. She promoted this track hard as hell, promising cash to whoever on twitter could predict the two female rappers who she would positively shout out on the first verse. The two women with that honor ended up being Azelia Banks and Cardi B, though Meg Thee Stallion got a nice shout out later on as well. And don’t worry, CupcakKe made sure to sneak in more than a handful of risqué bars that will have you cackling when you finally catch up to them fifteen listens later. CupcakKe coming out of her (thankfully) short lived retirement to provide us with absolute bangers is nothing short of a blessing. May every single she drops from here till her album comes out top the charts as well.

Check out CupcakKe on twitter, insta, and listen to “Discounts” on Spotify and Apple Music and buy it on iTunes!

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