MIKE Drops Video for nothin2say

MIKE is attacking from all angles with his new video. The track itself is self-produced and cuts up a beautiful sounding foreign sample. The NYC based emcee finds the pocket and sticks to it like gum to a desk. The beat itself would be super pleasant to listen to without any bars and Mike compliments it well. His subject matter is actually quite dark covering his grieving process and his relationships with family. The bright beat contrasts his lyrics but the video features a beaming MIKE delivering the lyrics. “MIKE harder than a booger when it’s dry,” is a fire ass Wayne like comparison if I ever saw one. MIKE saying “like” always keeps me on the edge of my seat because I can’t help but wonder what spot-on comparison he has for us. MIKE acknowledges his shortcomings and past faults with realizations like this “I’d rather just be wrong than to settle with it”. His music always encourages growth and contemplation. So often things happen and we move forward because life moves quick. Mike thinks about the actions of others and himself will affect his future. It’s two minutes of well-rapped meditation so give it a listen.

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