Savage The Poet Drops Bubbly New Single & Video Groovy

Brooklyn MC Savage the Poet dropped a bubbly 70’s inspired new single Groovy earlier this month. The track takes its que from the disco era as Savage went as far as to shave the track title in the back of his head, though to be fair it looks fresh as hell. The beat has a great bounce to it and feels like a rap cut of a Disclosure song, and it makes for the perfect dance floor for Savage to bust a move on. Savage the Poet rips through the track with a shapeshifting flow finding every pocket Wildkatz’s beat has to offer. The track doesn’t have a chorus and doesn’t need one, giving you a chance to breath would be beside the point for a bop like this.

Savage and friends on set

Savage dropped a fun and colorful video along with the single that compliments the vibe of the track. The vid is set off with a boombox as Savage and friends dance around in a collection of brightly colored & deftly curated outfits. Savage and his homies seem like they had a hell of the time making the video as it has the look and feel of the opening credits of an In Living Color spin off. I specifically need to know who his sunglasses plug is as I have spent too many hours of my life trying to decide which pair was my favorite. Clever camera work and cartoonish editing coupled with the saucy wardrobe really make the video pop. With this video and track Savage shows himself as a dexterous rapper with personality to spare.

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