Weatherday Drops Spooky Loosie For Halloween, “Mio’s Teeth”

For too long Christmas has dominated the kitschy seasonal song market. Adam Sandler is doing his best to combat that trend writing the sole four (yes, you read that right, four) songs in the Chanukah song genre. Meanwhile, the only song I could find in the Thanksgiving Song genre was also recorded by none other than Adam Sandler, a one man seasonal genre invention machine. And while The Monster Mash is a certified banger, it has been doing the heavy lifting for Halloween since 1962, with the only other significant contributions to the genre coming from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.

That sick freak Tillie. gughhhh…. can feel the nightmares returning.

Thankfully Swedish emo outfit Weatherday is doing their part to help expand our seasonal horizons with their spooky Soundcloud loosie, Mio’s Teeth. The track was dropped on Halloween in celebration of the holiday and was inspired in part by Halloween and in part by a spooky drawing bandleader Sputnik did of Mio, the character on the cover of Come In, with a disturbingly toothy smile. While Mio is still inviting us to “come in <3” on the single’s cover I no longer want to. The teeth in the drawing take Mio from a cute cuddly creature to a menace you wouldn’t want around your children, as Mio’s teeth seem to be inspired by Tillie, the boy on the mural at Asbury Park’s Palace Amusements that haunted my dreams as a youth.

The song itself sounds consistent with Weatherday’s output on Come In, though a quite a bit more lighthearted in celebration of the holiday. The song’s opens with talk of the full moon in the night sky which shortly leads to a voice telling us that “the only way out is through the super spooky cemetery gates” and closes with a what I think is a sample from a movie I couldn’t name with someone around a campfire going “Its a dark cold night in the woods. Then cut to-” which is then cut to a haunting organ that takes us to the end of the track. It is a funny little song that still sounds just as good as anything on Come In, and if this is Weatherday’s output when they’re putting together a novelty song in a day I cannot wait to see the heights they reach on their next serious effort. More importantly though hopefully Sputnik has started a trend and by this time next year we’ll have emo bands with songs about Arbor Day, Valentines, Chinese New Year, and a whole playlist of tracks for Halloween.

Check out the track on Soundcloud and give Weatherday a follow on twitter dot com and check out our review of Weatherday’s album Come In at this link!

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