Jeff Rosenstock Releases Minute Long Loosie “Monday at the Beach”

DIY Icon and the King of Long Island Jeff Rosenstock surprised fans today with a quick minute long track called Monday at the Beach. Jeff sings about the anxiety of playing hookey on a Monday only to the train for two two hour trips, poking your head out the whole way down praying that the 30% chance of rain holds off until the lifeguards leave for the day. That being said its an upbeat tune where it seems Jeff knows the adventure will be worth it even if they only get a half hour of good tanning time.

However this track does beg the question, where exactly does Jeff Rosenstock go to the beach where he’s looking at a two hour train ride there and back? If he’s tryna get to the Jersey Shore from Brooklyn I could see it easy, but you can damn near walk from his hometown of Baldwin to Long Beach in under two hours. Is he really making the hike on the LIRR to Montauk on a Monday? Why not just hit Brighton Beach or Rockaway if you’re on a time crunch? Has he actually sold out and now refuses to go to any beach other than the Hamptons but has not sold out so hard where he can afford the helicopter? These are questions that Jeff would need more than fifty seven seconds to answer and unfortunately his songs are legally not allowed to last longer than that.

UPDATE: Luckily Jeff was kind enough to answer that question for us! It was indeed Rockaway Beach. Rockaway now has a 2-1 song lead over The Hamptons who have been resting on how good I Don’t Want It All is for two years now.

At the moment the song is only available on the Quote Unquote Records website, not sure if there are plans to release it to streaming services soon.

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