Kim Petras Releases Single, Personal Hell, and Announces Project, Clarity

The Single’s Cover

Jigglypuff personified herself, Kim Petras, is continuing her steady 2019 singles output with yet another bop. Personal Hell is the sixth Petras single released this year under the “Era 2” banner. starting with April’s Broken these tracks will be compiled into a collection, not an album, called Clarity later this year. It has been a relatively varied collection of tracks. While Sweet Spot and Blow It All are the party playlist ready jams that we’ve come to know and love from the queen, tracks like Broken and now Personal Hell have seen Kim get more introspective and soul searching, while still going in their own right.

That being said we don’t love that she continues to co-write all these songs with Dr. Luke! Can we get anyone else in the world to work with her please? I love Kimberly but why does she have to continue to pad the pockets of the man who tortured Kesha? Notice Luke’s continued to drift further and further into the background of the Petras narrative. He’s a smart cookie! Wouldn’t want my face out there tarnishing a good thing. That being said we still stan a problematic-associated, Washington Post certified, completely independent queen. woo AH!

Check out Personal Hell on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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