J.K. Rowling Picks Pride Month To Be A TERF

If you have the means please consider donating to the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund, which is getting supplies from food and housing to cell phones directly to black trans women.

It’s getting harder and harder for mainstream liberals to make Harry Potter analogies to describe political happenings. With each passing tirade from the book’s author on how trans women are not women, many feel less justified in calling Trump the world’s version of Voldemort, or Elizabeth Warren the Hermione of the DNC. With more scrutiny placed on the author and the writing she did, her best selling franchise that changed YA fiction forever is looking more and more like right-wing fantasy more than anything.

The banker class is portrayed by a bunch of hook-nosed goblins. Rowling went so far as to retcon the house elves, saying that they enjoyed being slaves. The hero has to be some chosen one, born with a special set of genes, able to overcome even death, because screw you if you’re just a normal person. Arguably most egregious though is the nomenclature surrounding the one (1) Asian character in the whole of her expanded universe, Cho Chang.

A few months ago, Rowling had taken heat for tweeting her support for someone that had gotten fired from their job for being a TERF. Wisely though, she took her cancellation and remained silent on issues like these, instead just sharing fan art for her new book on Twitter. But hey, nobody is as good at having unsolicited opinions as TERFs are.

So when an innocuous helpful article titled, “Creating a more equal post-ovid-19 world for people who menstruate” (because trans men, nonbinary, genderfluid, and agender people can all menstruate) on a small site called Devex, Rowling could not disengage temporomandibular joints for two seconds and started running her mouth like the Olympics were still on for this summer. She would joke condescendingly, “People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”

Forget the fact that some women hit menopause, have hysterectomies, or can’t menstruate because of hormonal issues. Rowling simply wants to reduce the identity of women to their ability to procreate and menstruate. If any woman has experienced these issues, according to Rowling, they’re not women.

Now, of course Rowling, stupid as she is, doesn’t believe that statement. She didn’t make that joke because she’s a scientist or a high level gender theorist. She made it because she wanted to bully transpeople. Nobody was asking for this hot-take.

And ironically, after being a bully and getting rightfully dunked on by anyone with a pulse, she starts playing the victim!

“‘Feminazi’, ‘TERF’, ‘bitch’, ‘witch’. Times change. Woman-hate is eternal” Rowling literally went out of her way to bully trans people on Twitter, then goes on to conflate the term TERF with other misogynistic slurs when people calls her what she is. She’s resorted to the white liberal feminist tactic, of assuming that anything that makes her uncomfortable, or calls her to take further progressive action, is actually reactionary and runs counter to the work other feminists have done.

She would later post a small thread, explaining how, “If sex isn’t real there’s no same sex attraction…” One of her allies would insist that this was a good point, because gay and lesbian people have their legal protect based around that, forgetting that the laws written before those protections were made to criminalize homosexual acts. Just because an unjust and unfair system conceded a few points doesn’t mean it should still be considered right. Rowling caps off the thread by insisting that “[she’d] march with [trans people] if [they] were discriminated against on the basis of being trans.”

I guess she has the time-turner from Prisoner of Azkaban which allows her to be in two places at once, both being the discriminator and the marcher.

Overall though it’s astounding that now this is what Rowling wants her legacy to be. People are living through an unprecedented pandemic and making ends meet despite many states being reluctant to hand out any sort of unemployment compensation, even forcing their economies to reopen just to prod their workforce back into action. People everywhere, all across the world are calling for an end to police brutality, walking through clouds of tear gas and hails of rubber bullets. It’s June, Pride month in the US, and instead of LGBTQ people getting the chance to celebrate their heroes, they instead have to add another name to their long list of villains, one who they used to admire and captured the imaginations of their childhoods, one who may have even taught them the joy of reading.

She chose to be on that list.

If you have the means please consider donating to the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund, which is getting supplies from food and housing to cell phones for one of the most vulnerable groups in the USA.

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